Fieldwork Trip to Bangladesh April 2016

In April 2016 Professor Mohammad Mahfujul Haque (Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh) hosted a visit to Bangladesh by Professor Charles Tyler (University of Exeter) and Dr David Bass (Cefas) to discuss research methodologies and to set up initial experimental work in the field.

Fieldwork studies were established in finfish (Pangasius and Tilapia) aquaculture ponds in Muktagacha and Tarakanda upazilas, Mymensingh district in northern Bangladesh.  Charles and David met with farmers and key project stakeholders in the region and provided hands-on training in fieldwork techniques to project staff.  Further discussions were held with Mr Syed Arifuzzaman and his IT team at Activity for Reformation of Basic Needs (ARBAN) on the development of bespoke Apps and communication tools for the project.  These will enable project scientists to share information directly with farmers and farming families in Bangladesh.

The visit then moved south to look at shrimp farming in Khulna district with Dr Meezanur Rahman (World Fish, Bangladesh).  This part of the work focused on establishing methods to document and sample diseased animals for the development of integrated histopathology ‘histoPATHway’ at Cefas in Weymouth, UK. Water and sediment samples collected during this initial fieldwork in Bangladesh are currently being catalogued and processed for genomic sequencing of pond microbiomes at the University of Exeter.  The trip also provided some fabulous photo opportunities which can be seen throughout our website.

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