Cefas Workshop January 2017

In January 2017 an International Training Workshop on Methods in Histopathology and Molecular Biology for Disease Diagnosis in Finfish and Shrimp at was held at Cefas in Weymouth, UK. The workshop brought together representatives from all countries involved in the project.

Practical training sessions in field-based techniques in histopathology and molecular biology enabled participants to gain first-hand experience in these techniques under the expert guidance of scientists at Cefas and the University of Exeter. Training sessions also encompassed molecular microbiome research methods including DNA extraction from complex environmental samples, high throughput next generation DNA sequencing (NGS), and an introduction to bioinformatics and data management.

The team collectively discussed the details of a bespoke mobile app which has been developed by team members at Activity for Reformation of Basic Need (ARBAN) in Bangladesh. The app will generate longitudinal data from aquaculture farmers on the natural history of their ponds as well as stocking, water, feed and health management practices. The app will be rolled out to farmers in Bangladesh, India and Malawi and the data will be used to inform predictive modelling of disease events.

All the sessions were very interactive and provided plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. This enabled the participants to develop their theoretical and technical knowledge and to understand how these techniques might be applied by their own research teams. The workshop was also an opportunity for the whole project team to discuss progress and achievements over the first year of the project and set goals for future research.

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